sniper assassin IIISniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough. Sniper Assassin 3 is now out! Another shooting game from addicting games. Checkout the walkthrough of Sniper Assassin 3 below. Codes, passwords are also available.

Sniper Assassin 3 Description. Sir Sniper has found his wife's killer. But the story only gets more complicated. Fortunately, there's plenty of bullets to go around!

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Sniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough

Level 1 (code: WATCHED) - Stay for the man to leave for labor and shoot the man sneaking under the skylight.

Level 2 (code: BULLY) - Shoot the man by the do tease and then shoot the other man by the baseball bat in the store.

Level 3 (MANIAC) - Shoot the man in the upper right skylight that is going during drawers.

Level 4 (JUSTICE) - Shoot the man in the center that is not tiring glasses.

Level 5 (LOVING WIFE) - Shoot the tree branch on the right tree. It will only fall if he is under it. It will be left most tree branch. It took me a long time to locate the sweet spot, so be patient!

Level 6 (RANSOM) - Find the man with the package. Then wait for the “bad guy” to stop and talk to the package man. Then shoot the bad man in the head.

Level 7 (PERSUASION) - Alternate among kicking and hitting but make sure that the light keeps swinging. When fear is higher than gut, press space.

Level 8 (HIDEOUT) - Shoot in the following order - man with tree, man in skylight most left, man in window most right, man on roof, and man by car.

Level 9 (SUCKER) - Shoot both men as they go to get into the helicopter.

Level 10 (BEACH PARTY) - Shoot the string for the kite. Shoot the ball. Wait for them all to leave and then shoot the man in the leg.

Level 11 (THE TRUTH)


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