Obama RatFace Game Walkthrough. The Obama Rat face Game or Obama Operacion Raton is an adventure point and click game by A walkthrough of Obama Ratface Game available below - incomplete but may help you.

Obama Ratface Game Description. Dangerous villain RatFace has escaped from prison. It is believed that RatFace hidden near the FBI buildings planning his new crime. Your misson is to find and capture RatFace as soon as possible.

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Obama Ratface Game Walkthrough

Get LIQUOR LIGHTER &2 RCKETS in first room
Use RED rocket & lighter to get out by window
Get HAMMER & HAPPY MEAL open happy meal get HAMBURGER
Talk about school to hidden boy in barrel
Give him hamburger he gives u SQUARED BALL
Give it to Kilo he gives u his LOLLIPOP
Give it to Rony he gives u his BALOON
Give it to man in Shop he gives u LUCKY CAT
Breack it with hammer get MONEY
Give money to the man take everything on shelves
Combine CAKE & LAXATIVE JELLY to give to the guard
Enter building get PINEAPPLE
Give liquor to Fatrat he tells u where is Ratface
Combine CHHESE HAM &PINEAPPLE put it next to sewer
Fatrat gets out of it and is arrested by policeman

source: escapegames24

Obama Ratface Game Walkthrough / Obama Operacion Raton Solution