Panda's BIG Adventure Walkthrough. If you like adventure game then you might want to try Panda's BID Adventure, a point and click type adventure game from BubbleBox. In this game, you have to search and find items in order to finish the game.

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Panda's BIG Adventure Walkthrough

The Toilet
Use the power level to start the time machine, use the control panel to go between levels. Once you have located a time part put it in the panel of the left. If you have all 5 you will open up another time zone, click on the island picture.

Get the spade, dig up the dung. Give the "Dragons Tooth" from the prehistoric world to the artifact seller for the gem stone. Dig up the slow growing plant sappling and give it to the herb seller in exchange for the spinach, use the spinach on panda and then grab the sword, Merlin will appear and give you a time piece.

Dark Ages
Grab the matches, potion and the meat, combine the potion and the meat. Use the brain on Frankie's head, open the cupboard and put his heart in the body. Use the girder in the fuse box, press the lever and Frankie will shift the slab revealing the time part. Get that and retrieve the girder and goto the time toilet.

Pickup the half tablet, use the girder from the Dark Ages to move the heavy slab, pickup the other half of the tablet and combine them. Use the matches to light the torches in the order that the tablet says. The coffin will open. Give the gem from the artifact seller in exchange for the time piece.

Get the seed off the slow growing plant. Put it in the fertile soil, use the water and the dung from the medieval level on the plant. Give the meat which has been combined with the potion to the dinosaur to put him to sleep. Pickup the time piece and the dino eggs, grab the tooth under the eggs.

Use the sword on panda to free him. Pickup the cannon ball, the sticker, the weight, the scales and the hammer. Use the hammer on the barrel to release the gun powder. Combine the weight and the sticker. Use the 15g weight on the scales and then with the gunpower to create 15g of gunpowder. Use the gunpowder on the cannon and ram on the cannon. Light the cannon with the matches and watch the pirate take a swim. Game over.


Panda's BIG Adventure Walkthrough