ClickPLAY Walkthrough. A point and click game from NinjaDoodle. The solution of this game ClickPLAY is available below.

ClickPLAY Game Description. The PLAY button got sick of everybody pushing it and decided to do a runner! In this Hoshi Saga inspired game, you will have to use your mouse in a variety of ways in order to find the PLAY button and move onto the next level. Upon completion you will receive a Medal Rank if you manage to finish the game with few enough clicks.

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ClickPLAY Walkthrough / ClickPLAY Solution

ClickPLAY Walkthrough / ClickPLAY Solution

1. Click the big PLAY button!

2. Click the car. While the car is driving, hold the stone and drag it up. When the car has passed, release the stone and drag the next up. Repeat this one more time, but be careful not too release it too quick or too slow! Click the PLAY button that appeared!

3. Click two of the links only once, but DON’T drag them up. Only drag the third link up. VOILA! The PLAY button is there, click it!

4. Click the bird to let a feather fall down. Drag the feather over the girl to let her wear it. Then click her 5 times until the sky is above the flower. Click the sky and the flower will grow up and show you a PLAY button, click it!

5. Ring the door bell and quickly, click the PLAY button.

6. This is RANDOM, so just click all of the ghosts until you find the one that is holding the PLAY button, and click it!

PS: If you want the right one, try to look for the ghost that is blinking!

7. This is also random! Try to click the PLAY button as fast as possible when ever it appears!

8. Click and hold down your mouse. Release it when a PLAY button appears, and click it!

9. Click the car when ever a car in front of yours drives! When you’re finished, a big PLAY button appears, click it!

10. Click the circle and follow your path to the end, and click the big PLAY button!

11. Click the bombs in numberic order! When the last bomb is exploded, a PLAY button will fall from within it. CLICK IT!

12. Find out which men has what note and click them in the order that is given. When the PLAY button unlocks, click it!

13. Click the blocks until they say, PLAY. If you have ADHD, I can explain it :S

1. Click the first block twice/2 times
2. Click the second block once/1 time
3. Don’t click the third block
4. Click the fourth block trice/3 times

14. This is a line from a song. Do this in the following order!

1. Jar: Parsley
2. Jar: Sage
3. Jar: Rosemary
4. Jar: Thyme

When the PLAY button comes out of the jar, click it!

15. Find the differences:

1. The Eye
2. His right horn
3. His first tooth from left
4. His left paw
5. His hair fur on the bottom-right side of the “handkerchief?”!

When the big PLAY button appears, click it!

16. I think this is random, so just try to click the eggs until the PLAY button appears and click it!

17. Hold the heavy ball and give it some speed and release it upon the bottles to break them. When you break the last bottle, it will give you the PLAY button. What are you waiting for? CLICK IT!

18. Find out which pig has how high jump and click them in the following order: HIGHEST, MIDDLE, LOWEST! When the bar hits full, click the PLAY button!

19. Click the ball when it point upwards. Release it your mouse when ir reaches the middle of the big circle. The question mark will turn into an arrow which points up. Click the flying ball again when it point to left, and release when it’s out of the big circle. Click the flying ball again, but now in the right direction to make the big circle form a PLAY button. Click it!

20. Click the outer stars first and then the three inner. Becaue, the outer ones glows in 6 seconds, while inner ones just in 3 seconds. When the PLAY button appears, click it!

21. This is SO complicated to explain. You’ll just have to try by yourself. All I can say is that you have to make all of the bricks grey. And when the PLAY button appears, click it!

22. Drag the hook as fast as you can to the right-side of the screen and then drag the PLAY button down. Be sure to get it attached to the hook :)

Congratulations! You just WON the game.

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  1. GamingGod // June 7, 2009 at 9:10 AM  

    My best was 167 D:

  2. Anonymous // August 21, 2009 at 2:22 PM  

    my best is 262 :()

  3. Anonymous // August 30, 2009 at 6:10 AM  

    level 6 is not random click de ghost that is blinking