Tortuga 3 Walkthrough. This is the third in the Tortuga game series by Mateusz Skutnik and Marek Frankowsk. If you liked Tortuga 1 and 2, you might also like playing Tortuga 3. If you need some help in finishing the game, read the walkthrough of Tortuga 3 Escape the Pirate Town.

Play Tortuga 3

Tortuga 3 Walkthrough

1. Collect broken board and nail from the first screen.
2. Turn around, collect second plank.
3. Use both broken board and plank on the rowboat's rowlocks.
4. Use nail on the padlock.
5. Enter the boat.
6. Hover over right side of the screen until you can click on Red Gulf.
7. Collect sardines and old key.
8. Click on the wreck.
9. Collect ink and coins.
10. Go back to the boat and hover to the left.
11. Click on Skull Gulf.
12. Collect anchor.
13. Go right.
14. Collect pirate shirt and pirate bags.
15. Go back.
16. Go to Brandy Street.
17. Go to the Church tower.
18. Use old key on tower door.
19. Inside sroll to the right and pull the bell.
20. Scroll left and go to Monk Square.
21. Scroll until you see a fountain. Zoom in.
22. Get the ruby ring from the pirate's hand.
23. Zoom out and scroll to Dark Alley.
24. Click to go to Dark Alley and click on the window to go to the basement.
25. Scroll left and right until you collect the following items: rope, sausage, wine, coin, cheese and pirate hat.
26. Now you look like a pirate ;)
27. Go back to the main city view (the one with church tower) and click on Rat Corner.
28. Zoom in on the announcements on the wall and memorize the skulls. :D:D :O :[:[:O
29. Zoom out and click on the rat.
30. Give sardines to the rat.
31. Zoom in on the hat, collect the golden key.
32. Go back to your boat and go to the main ship in the middle.
33. Click on the glowing button on the door.
34. Go past the ship and collect the music box.
35. Use the golden key on the chest, collect cards.
36. Go forward twice, enter Fog Alley and then Fargo Square.
37. Click on 3 Skull Pub.
38. Click the skulls in order memorized from the announcements wall.
39. Once onside, scroll left and right and click on different pirates to exchange items.
Trade ink for a piece of map.
Trade cards for tobacco.
Trade music box for sabre, and then buy back the music box.
Trade tobacco for grog.
40. Go out of the pub and into Fog Alley.
41. Go to Dust Corner.
42. Give grog to the pirate.
43. Collect pistol and cut the flag rope using the sabre.
44. Find the pirate flag - it can be in 3 different places (next to the Church Tower, on the roof of 3 Skull Pub or on Brandy Street)
45. Go back to 3 Skull Pub;
46. Trade pistol for the black key.
47. Go out of the pub and face the door.
48. Scroll to the right and click on monastery wall.
49. Scroll up.
50. In your inventory, combine anchor with rope and use that on the monastery wall.
51. Go up the wall.
52. Use music box on the dog.
53. Go past the dog and into the monastery.